About Bailey Abbott

Bailey Abbott came into being as a result of COVID-19.  COVID-19 was the biggest catalyst for change South Australia has seen in recent memory and the team at Bailey Abbott recognised the potential for a new way of working.

The Need For Change

The information services industry has become a crowded space with over 200 technology business listed on the ASX alone. This market has been consolidating and, as a result, larger consultancy services businesses have grown to the point where we believe it has become difficult for them to focus on core business principles – satisfied customers, happy staff, and an efficient operating model.

COVID-19 exacerbated these underlying issues and emphasised the need for a better approach.

Our 3 Core Principles

Our value proposition is simply to distinguish ourselves in the market by doing the basics very well – sourcing key talent, operating a smart and efficient business, and maintaining excellent customer service. These cornerstones of the business all lead to great outcomes for our clients.

Hence our 3 core principles: Best People. Best Practice. Best Outcomes.

Best People

Bailey Abbott recruits permanent resources, which enables us to maintain intellectual property, a collaborative, collegiate culture, and specialist communities of practice. Our staff retention and reward policies – designed to support, engage, and reward our staff for strong and consistent performance – have resonated positively across the industry.

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Best Practice

A key platform for Bailey Abbott is to operate a smart and efficient business, which enables us to generate value that translates to our clients, people, industry and community. We do not rely on expensive offices, related administration and operating costs – a model larger business have struggled to embrace.

Our high calibre of talent, working within our active communities of practice, means we can deliver best practice and the quality-of-service government and blue-chip businesses expect. We have been warmly welcomed with our strong focus on staff engagement, customer service and innovative thinking.

Best Outcomes

The workforce, through necessity, has embraced working from home. This allows Bailey Abbott to implement a low-cost model that does not rely on expensive offices, related administration, and operating costs. These reduced costs in turn allow us to invest in genuine partnering arrangements with customers. This is a model larger businesses are struggling to embrace.

We have the advantage of being smaller and more nimble and recognise the importance of growing our culture and brand with novel approaches that delight both our staff and customers. 

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Best People. Best Practice. Best Outcomes.