We are disrupting the South Australian information services industry.

The industry has lost its way when it comes to the basics. We decided to do something about it.

How We Got Here

Bailey Abbott was established in response to the rapid growth of the information services industry and a dissatisfaction with large consultancy service business models.

We are a warmly welcomed disruption.

We are a novel and nimble South Australian start-up of active industry practitioners in StrategyBusiness AnalysisEnterprise ArchitectureProject ManagementChange Management and Data Intelligence.

Our business is underpinned by three simple principles:

Attract & retain the best people

Operate a smart & efficient business

Provide best outcomes for our clients

Best People. Best Practice. Best Outcomes.

Our Secret Sauce

3 highly spirited, supportive, & empowering Leaders/Mentors

6 active & practicing Capability Leads overseeing our specialty streams

Permanent specialists working within each stream’s community of practice

Ask Yourself This...

Are you tired of working for a large corporate that pays lip service to the things we all know are important, where profits are more important than people?

Is your employer drowning in a sea of bureaucracy and losing sight of the customer? Do they value your contribution to the business or just their bottom line? Are you fairly supported and rewarded for your successes?

Have you been asking yourself these questions? So have we!

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Best People. Best Practice. Best Outcomes.